Tylers Dad

Tylers Dad

Who is Tyler’s Dad?

Vincent L. Brown Jr.
Vincent is a  husband and father of 4.  A stepdaughter 23, Tyler 18, as well as a 15yr old daughter, and youngest son who is 9.

Vincent has been an employee of Springfield City Schools for 5yrs or better now and lives life as a simplistic family man. His favorite shows are things like HGTV, Swamp People, Criminal Minds, And Food Network his music choices fall along the lines of old skool rap and new age country. He enjoys things like cycling, and fishing and sticks to family events. He keeps a small circle of close friends and stays to himself. Friends and family who know him well say this is the life he’s lived for the past 17years. Work, His Family, and a small circle.

Vincent’s wife states I can imagine at the time Tyler was born Vincent may still have been a bit rough around the edges. He was 20 something and a lot of guys are rough around the edges during their young 20’s. However, with that said we are all human, none of us perfect and we all grow and improve. Our daughter was born two years later and to date, Vincent has been present, hands-on, supportive and involved. Not perfect because even the best parents make mistakes but, fully invested. I’ve never seen a mistake made that would justify striping his child from his life. And trust me knowing Tyler’s story, I watched carefully, especially in the beginning. I wanted to watch him and also his family,  to see If I should be leary of whatever caused Melissa’s disappearance. But in 17yrs I’ve only seen a father who gets up and tries every day. His time and resources are lent to his children and family, and I’m sure the same would have been poured into Tyler had he been given the chance.

Vincent and his wife state. “From what we’ve seen on social media before accounts were blocked Tyler has been raised very well, and we are thankful for that. We feel this has been his family for all of his life and we don’t want to remove what he knows as stability.  We value family and we don’t want to remove anyone he’s come to know as a family.  We only want to rightfully add to it. In our eyes, the past is the past. At this point, this is not about who was right or wrong. There is no space for yesterday when you only want to move forward in a positive manner.
” Vincent says I simply want to finally meet my son and be a part of his life. I want him to have his God-given birthright that we all should have I want him to know where he comes from and who he is. I want him to be able to spend time with me and my family freely. I want him to meet his extended paternal family and we all want to be an extension of the family he has in place. From the day I can finally wrap my arms around my son I just want to know how can we communicate and collaborate in a respectful friendly manner that will allow me to be a part of my son’s life.”

Why Now, I Mean The Kids 18?

For Vincent, the answer is simple. Because now is when FINALLY via social media I’ve finally found my son. I don’t care if I had been 90 I still would want to know him and be a part of his life. I want him to know I NEVER gave up and I’ve always loved him. Vincent’s wife said it was the constant re-telling of the story even after all these years that led to this breakthrough. Someone, he told the story to for the millionth time who had seen our children showed him a social media pic and said hey dude I think this is your son? His wife said the day he came home with the photos he had tears in his eyes and was so choked up crying that he couldn’t speak. She thought someone died, but after one look at the photos he showed her she said OMG that’s your son!