What is Find Tyler About?

Vincent L. Brown Jr. has been searching for his son Tyler Ray Brown believed to have been renamed Tyler Ray Alvarez since he was an infant. Tyler’s mother Melissa A. Pettit now believed to be Melissa A. Alvarez and Vincent parted ways 3 to 4 months prior to Tyler’s birth and had no contact with one another other than a few messages sent from Melissa to Vincent through Vincent’s mother, and Melissa’s call to him the day Tyler was born.  The last time he saw his son they exchanged heated words in an argument over visitation time allowed. Two weeks later when Vincent attempted another visit with his son Melissa had changed phone numbers and moved and left no forwarding phone or address for him to find them by.

They had no common circles of friends for Vincent to know where to look for her or how to contact her. After a small amount of time passed he attempted to file for child support and paternity 1st in Springfield, Ohio/Clark County since that is where Tyler was born only to learn that he must file in the county the mother lives in. Her last known address to him was in Fairborn, Ohio / Greene County so he also attempted to file there. His hope was that this would help him 1.) Locate and have visitation with his son. 2.) Establish support for his son and 3.) Establish paternity which was now a question due to the way Melissa just disappeared.

Sadly the courts reported since she no longer lived at the last address he had without a new address there was nothing he or they could do. More time passed and Vincent now questioned paternity even more so, due to how Melissa disappeared, but wanted to know the truth and connect with his son if the baby was his. Vincent sought advice and was advised by a father’s rights group  (Urban Light Ministries in Springfield, OH) to send Sherriff’s to a good address for a well check on the baby. As stated above he had no forwarding address so Vincent sent the Greene County Sheriffs to Melissa’s parents home. Per the Sheriff’s report. Melissa’s parent’s stated they had not seen Melissa or the baby in over a year and had no clue of a way to contact her. Vincent states her parents were present at Tyler’s birth and at that time of the well fare check, Tyler would have been only a year or less old so Vincent knew then that they were being dishonest about how to find his son and he knew the cards were stacked against him.  He had no idea what to do next or how to get answers. The father’s rights group was of no more assistance at this point advising further actions could not be taken until or if she was ever located.

Tyler was born in 2000 so this was before social media and mainstream internet was readily available. Vincent never let the thoughts of his son leave his mind let alone his heart and always shared the story with others hoping someone might have crossed paths with Melissa and know her whereabouts. They did not date long enough to have any overlapping circles of friends or associates. He said even if he ran across people who “use” to know her there was never anyone helpful with how to reach her or knew where she was now. Once he obtained an in-home computer and media was starting to become popular he searched as best he could but never found anything promising. It is key to know that before the events above Melissa was not only romantically involved with Vincent but was, in fact, a co-worker and an associate of his mothers Avella (Meme) Brown.  Meme and Melissa both worked at Oesterlen Services for Youth in Springfield, Ohio. They spoke often in person, by phone and during visits at Meme’s home and on at least one occasion even at Vincent’s grandmother’s home.  Melissa, in fact, showed so much respect for Meme that she asked her blessing for them to date before showing Vincent interest. Meme states Melissa made visits at her home as an friend and co-worker on more than one occasion before dating Vincent and before Tyler’s arrival, yet after the birth of her grandson, she never heard from Melissa again. Phone and cell numbers that were used to reach Melissa by were no longer working, and no other previous co-workers had good contact info either. So while Vincent could not find Melissa due to her moving and changing numbers and leaving them with no forwarding information, She at any time could have reached out to his mother, her former co-worker, and associate to ensure that Tyler knew his paternal family, but never in 18yrs did that happen. Meme shared that Melissa mentioned in conversation more than once how beautiful mixed babies we’re and wanting a bi-racial baby but not being bothered with the father. She said never in a million years did she think she was serious and never did she think this nightmare would turn out to be her son & grandson. She tells this story with tears in her eyes and says it has been very painful watching her son look for her grandson all these years. 

Vincent married and became the father of more children but never gave up on Tyler.  He shared the story with his wife early in their dating. His wife states around 2005 she began to help him search and assisted with sending letters, cards, and photos to Melissa’s parents home with information for them to contact them or even their church pastors to begin a relationship and to reunite Vincent with his son.  She said for her at 1st it was due diligence for her own children. She wanted to be able to look them in the eyes and give an account that she did try to connect them with their sibling when the time came for them to ask questions. However,  none of the cards sent to the parents home were ever responded to.

Now finally due to social media, we feel we may have found Tyler and that he has been here in Xenia, Ohio the entire time under Melissa’s married name Alvarez. With new information, Tyler was searched for under his mother’s married name and found on Instagram. Other public media accounts were found for his Mother and Step-Father, and his Step-Father’s family. All were found with photos of Tyler at various ages throughout the years. The photos were very clear about one thing for sure. Tyler looks very much like his father’s twin, a spitting image of his paternal grandfather, and show he has an almost eerie likeness to his brother and sister.

Vincent was able to reach Tyler via Instagram message and shared with him that he was his real father. Tyler asked if Vincent had the right kid and mom and if so what was his mom’s name?  Vincent shared with him the copy of his newborn pic and original birth certificate he had kept all these years.  (See Photos). Tyler stated he always felt something was off or missing but didn’t know what and that he thanked God for Vincent finding him finally and was thankful that his Dad never gave up looking. He stated his mother/parents/family never told him that he had another father. Tyler had one phone conversation with Vincent and all other messages were sent via text.

Tyler also connected with his brother and sister on snap chat. He shared with his sister that he attends Legacy Christian Academy in Xenia, Ohio and that he was the manager of the wrestling team. That he enjoyed Yahtzee and would be learning to drive soon. His Dad and Step-Mom share that his communication seemed intelligent but that his personality came off as very child-like, naive, passive and accepting. They state without knowing they wonder if there are any developmental issues that would make it easy for someone to sway him from the truth of who he is and how long his Dad has searched for him.

4 days of communication passed Tyler stated he would like to sneak away to meet his Dad. His Dad advised he wanted to do things respectfully and in good order and for them to have a healthy relationship they would not sneak or lie to his mother and would have to be honest. A day after that text conversation out of the blue before plans to meet face to face could be finalized all communication stopped. No calls or text are being returned and all social accounts have been removed or blocked.  This leaves them not knowing what to think or do. Theories are 1.)It was Tyler we were in contact with and he was just that fearful of his family knowing he was connecting with his Dad per the text from Tyler stating being fearful of the family knowing, Another theory 2.) Is that perhaps the family is trying to stop him yet again from knowing his father and paternal family -OR- 3.) Someone who knows this story has pulled a cruel joke and catfished Vincent and his family. (Vincent shares the story of looking for Tyler with just about anyone who will listen and has for years because he feels it’s the only way that someone may one day provide a lead. In this age of media and scams, the family is curious if they have been cruelly led astray.) Either way, this site was created not to offend anyone but to help figure things out and get to the bottom of it all.

If you know this family please reach out to them and us.  If you have seen this young man please reach out to him and us. Help us finally reunite a father and his son. Tyler’s father and paternal family are just waiting to get to know him and love him. Share this site with as many as possible in the event a friend of a friend may be able to help.