***Update 5/30/2019***

The family would like to share an update and an amazing milestone!

Tyler and his Dad embracing for the 1st time post-graduation.
Tyler and Vincent embracing for the 1st time post-graduation.

Thursday, May 30, 2019, Vincent finally met his son Tyler Ray face to face and was able to wrap his arms around him!  Vincent shares this was the fruits of a never-ending search and the results of always telling my story to anyone I crossed paths with. “I am so thankful that I never kept silent and always told new people. I made sure to reach back to that co-worker I shared my story with and thank him. He was only about the gazillionth person I shared my story with, but that’s o.k. because he was finally the right one!  Had he not seen my other children to see the likeness and then shared the pic with me saying hey dude I “think” this is your son, I would still be searching. But He was right, it was my son, and telling the story just one more time led to this great moment.”

Based on information Tyler shared during the brief contact with the family, Vincent, his wife, and his mother attended the Legacy Christian Academy 2019 graduation held at Patterson Park Church. Entering the graduation not knowing what to expect, since they were not sure if they had been catfished or if it was him they spoke to, it was a very surreal experience. From seeing his name on the graduation program, to seeing him in person walk down the aisle, finally meeting him face to face, and embracing him.  

To others, we say NEVER give up and NEVER stop sharing your story!

Tyler to us did appear very fearful of what his maternal family would think of our attendance and even stated “I’m glad to finally meet you but I know “they” are watching.” Sadly we have not been able to spend time with him or even speak with him since. We have spoken briefly with a few of his maternal family and they are not in a good place with the situation at the moment.  We wish NOT to detract anything from who he is or the family he has, we only pray to be able to add to it. While not ideal, we are just grateful to have even made a connection at all and remain hopeful, that when Tyler is ready at least now he knows we are here. 

Now that Tyler has been found and a connection at all has been made the family will take time to decide if this site should remain a parental alienation awareness tool -OR- if for the sake of privacy, it should be taken down. In the event that the site not be continued, If you have referred to this site for resources, we suggest that you make note of them.